Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper: Pony Blues

In Thailand's northern countryside, a ghost story is told to warn young people and travelers from wandering into the jungle. Many years ago, a lonely stable boy in charge of the king's horses went hungry, and was forced into eating one of his horses. He became sick, and died in the jungle at the edge of a river. Since then, a spirit known as the "pii maa bong" has been known to walk near the edge of the woods, taking the form of a human (man or woman) with the features of a horse. As revenge for his loneliness, the "pii maa bong" lures young lost travelers into the jungle, where they meet a watery grave.

Pony Blues is an adaptation of the Thai ghost story of the "pii maa bong," set to a cover of an American blues standard performed by Steve Gunn and Mike Cooper.

Taken from FRKWYS Vol. 11: Cantos de Lisboa
© and Ⓟ 2015 RVNG Intl.


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Cool Hunting

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Ad Hoc

Zach Cooper - Us (Official Video)

The second single from Zach Cooper's album, The Sentence, "Us" is a multi-layered composition that brushes ecstatic orchestral movements atop a canvas of chamber recordings. 

"I like to think of 'Us' as the cinematic equivalent to sand painting, a practice shared by many cultures for both its depiction of religious stories and its intrinsic value as a process. Particularly with Tibetan Buddhism, sand paintings are meticulously made for months at a time, only to be ritually brushed away shortly after they are completed. For monks, this meditative practice of creation and destruction is an affirmation of the impermanence of all things.

But 'Us' is as much about impermanence as it is about transformation, from the shock of the transition to an awareness and acceptance of the new state. The reward for Lindsey’s ritual dance is not what she expects, but what results is a new state of being, less fragile and more ephemeral. Like a rock that turns into sand, she’s not gone. She’s just everywhere." - Champ Ensminger, director

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From the album, The Sentence, available March 18, 2016 on Styles Upon Styles.

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Jacob Burns Film Center

Braids: Andrew Wyeth Film Sprint for Seattle Art Museum

Filmed in October 2017.

This short film was created for the Seattle Art Museum Wyeth Film Sprint in conjunction with the exhibition, Andrew Wyeth: In Retrospect.

Camera / Editing: Champ Ensminger
Set Design / Writing: Fran Miranda
Acting / Helga: Rachael Meares
Score: Michael Hamm
Voice of Helga: Luise Ganser
Color: Joel Voelker

Thanks to The Seattle Art Museum, World Famous, Kaylee Rider, and Glazer's Camera.

A Lovely Day With Bill Withers

Okayplayer's status as co-presenter on Carnegie Hall's Tribute to the Music of Bill Withers afforded OKP TV the singular opportunity to hang out at rehearsals and chop it with the likes of Anthony Hamilton, Valerie Simpson, Aloe Blacc, Ledisi, Gregory Porter, Keb' Mo', Michael McDonald, Steve Jordan, Willie Weeks, Greg Phillinganes, NOLA legend Dr. John--not to mention the ever-charming Mr. Withers himself. Incredible talent and love for songcraft made this "a lovely day" for the history books--or an OKP TV mini-documentary.


Commissioned for Okayplayer.

Shared Space

A film that explores the changing landscape (socially and physically) of Capitol Hill from the perspectives of artists of color, using volumetric data capture of dance and personal interviews. Thanks: Fausto Rivera, Tommy Yacoe, Andy Seaver, World Famous

Video: Champ Ensminger
Dance: Sarah Hogland
PA: Brian Hutson
Sound: Chris Lehrer

Poi Sang Long Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A recap of the Poi Sang Long festival at the Buddhist temple Wat Ku Tao in Chiang Mai, Thailand. An old Buddhist tradition of the Shan people, or the Tai Yai, Poi Sang Long has been revived in the city of Chiang Mai at temples that reflect the culture and traditions of the Tai Yai population in the city.

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Styles Upon Styles Presents: Bangers and Ash

Styles Upon Styles Records presents a look at "Bangers and Ash," a series of handcrafted vinyl and digital releases that showcase an artist's style in two settings: the chill out, and the dancefloor. The documentary short is narrated by label founders Phil Tortoroli and Cam Curran, as well as Zach Cooper who is highlighted in BASH003 as two artists, King Garbage and kuxxan SUUM. Featuring tracks released by the label, the film shows the mixed identity of the label's founders, the artists, and the wide range of music they love.

HEAT: Abandoned Old Central

Abandoned Old Central is a collaborative media piece that combined footage from bboy practice session in an abandoned mall in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with music from Brooklyn-based musician Chad Lewis.

 was a one-night-only video art event fueled by collaborative friction between visual and audio artists. The artists from one medium were paired with one from the other, and together they created work exploring the theme of HEAT

HEAT was a co-production of Underexposed NYCStyles Upon Styles Records, and Animoto.

A recap of the event can be found at the official site:


Okayfuture Recap Video: Brooklyn Electronic Music Fest 2013

Okayfuture's moody recap of the 6th Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Fest (BEMF).

Commissioned for Okayplayer.


"PHANTOMS OF CHINATOWN" is a meditation on old and new, combining archival footage courtesy of the Prelinger Archives, and footage taken of Chinatown, New York City circa 2012.


"Something (Intro)" by Action Davis (
Courtesy of Free Music Archive and Vimeo Music Store

All archival films courtesy of the Prelinger Archives.

Officially screened at the the Anthology Film Archives as part of "The Past Re-Imagined as the Future" Remix Contest (2012) put on by Free Music Archive and the Prelinger Archives